Outdoor Training Protocols

HWE will always put the safety, health, and well-being of all our Coaches, Players, and Families FIRST.  To ensure HWE follows all safety precautions and has received appropriate approvals, HWE submitted the IYSA Organization Communicable Disease Agreement Form for the opportunity to begin training players.  In addition, HWE is committed to following all protocols and guidelines including but not limited to:

  1. Illinois Department of Commerce Youth Sports Guidelines.
  2. IYSA Return To Activity Protocol.
  3. Village of Hawthorn Woods Park District Protocol.

Parent Responsibility & Waiver

  • HWE parents must read and go over all guidelines/protocols with your son/daughter before attending any training sessions.
  • HWE parents must read, sign, and turn in to your team manager prior to your first training session the Communicable Disease Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement from the IYSA. 
  • Registration for training will be through your team managers.  Remember this is not a mandatory sponsored event with HWE, it is optional.

Health Requirements

  • An HWE staff member will take a temperature reading of each participant via a touchless thermometer.  Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or above shall not be permitted to remain at the site. 
  • If at any time any players or family member test positive for the COVID - 19 HWE will notify all HWE families immediately.  All training sessions will stop and we will reevaluate the situation.
  • IYSA Insurance does not cover COVID -19 related claims.

Arrival to the fields

  • Please stay in your cars until an HWE representative has allowed you to exit. They will be wearing an HWESC t-shirt for easy recognition.
  • Temperatures will be taken and questions will be asked before allowed to exit the car.
  • HWE will ask the parents before the player is allowed to train if the player and all family members are healthy.  
  • Parents/Guardians are allowed to stay but are not allowed to pass the curb from the parking lot.

Training Sessions

  • Maximum 10 players 1 Coach at each training session
  • A coach will always wear a face mask within 10 feet of players and/or parents.  Player masks, optional.
  • Players will be dressed in proper training gear.  Bring a ball and water bottle only to training.  No bags will be allowed.
  • Training sessions will last 45 minutes for U9 and U10 teams and U11 and older 60 minutes per IYSA Director of Coaching Adam Howarth.
  • All training sessions will be conducted in a grid format.  Requirements include:
    • The grid will be 115 feet by 50 feet.  Each player will stay centered in his/her 15 foot by 15-foot grid.
    • All training work will be done within the center of the individual player grid.
    • If a player's ball leaves his/her grid they will sit down in the middle of the grid and wait until we can return his/her ball to them.
    • No second chance will be given to any players if any protocol is not followed.  It is very important that parents and players understand the guidelines.  This will be explained as well by the coaches at the beginning of the session each day.  If a player does not follow the guidelines they will be asked to leave if the parent is in the car watching training.  If the parent is not at the training session we will have an area where the player will sit and watch the session.  They will not be allowed to return to training that day.  


  • Portable Toilets are on site. Sanitation will be required before and after each usage.
  • Sanitizing station to be provided for use before and after training
  • Hand sanitizer, facial tissue, and a trash can will be located right by the training session.

If at any time a parent, player, or coach has any questions or concerns regarding the training sessions or expected protocols, please reach out to Coach Tom at 847-909-9279.